algas marinhas Alba

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The bed turns into a boat – between sleeping and waking, dreaming and pure breathing. Dozing, we drift along the shore. 

The seaweeds Estelle Gassmann used for her collection of bed linens comes from Roscoff in Brittany.

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Material and info
  • reactive inkjet print on 100% cotton fine satin 115 g/m2
  • 300 TC
  • 60° washable
  • calender finish
  • duvet covers with zip
  • pillowcases with envelope fastening
  • repeat size 234 x 221cm: Each duvet cover and pillowcase shows a different section of the all-over print.
  • made in northern Italy
  • other sizes are made to order
  • photographs: Giuseppe Micchiché, Katharina Lütscher

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Project description

Estelle Gassmann’s interest in seaweed, in all of its forms and features, goes back to March 2017. While visiting the Museu Marítimo de Ilhavo in Portugal, she discovered the work of Américo Teles (1893-1983), the founder of the museum and a passionate algologist. There she bought the book Guia Prático de Preparação de Algas Marinas, a practical guide to preparing seaweed, published by his granddaughter Sónia Teles.

Estelle Gassmann decides to learn how to prepare algae and attends a workshop in March 2018 with Sónia Teles, an architect who lives in Porto and manages her grandfather’s estate.